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Changing Values

4-5-Hrs: Shifting your Unconscious Values to Create Massive Change in your Motivation & Beliefs.

Service Description

"4-5 Hours, Can be split into Two separate sessions. Unlock your true potential with our NLP Coaching service, where we specialize in values elicitation and alignment. Our Master Coach and Trainer of NLP, Cosimo Reale, guides you through a profound journey of self-discovery to uncover your core values and align them with your goals. Using advanced techniques such as hierarchy of values and submodalities, we help you remove conflicting values and reshape those that no longer serve you. Experience transformation as you align your values with your aspirations, paving the way for greater success and fulfillment in every aspect of your life. This NLP Coaching service offers a highly effective technique for drastically changing your behaviors and motivations. Led by our Master Coach, Cosimo Reale, this technique is employed with great care, ensuring its suitability through an ecology-check before any changes are made. This check ensures that the changes will benefit not only the client but also those close to them, creating a positive impact on all aspects of their life."

Cancellation Policy

Disclaimer: Personal Coaching Please carefully read and understand the following disclaimer before participating in personal coaching sessions. Nature of Coaching: Personal coaching is a collaborative process between you (the client) and the coach, aimed at facilitating personal and professional growth, goal achievement, and self-improvement. Coaching is not therapy, counselling, or consulting, and it does not provide medical, psychological, or financial advice. Confidentiality: All information shared during coaching sessions will be kept strictly confidential, except where disclosure is required by law. Your privacy is of utmost importance, and your coach will respect and protect your confidentiality to the fullest extent possible. Responsibility and Accountability: As the client, you are responsible for your own decisions, actions, and outcomes. While the coach will provide support, guidance, and accountability, ultimately, the responsibility for achieving your goals rests with you. Your coach will not be held liable for any decisions you make or actions you take during or after the coaching relationship. Limits of Coaching: Coaching is not a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have concerns about your physical, mental, or emotional health, or if you require specific advice or assistance in any area, please consult with a qualified professional before beginning coaching sessions. Voluntary Participation: Participation in coaching sessions is voluntary, and you have the right to withdraw or discontinue coaching at any time without prejudice. Your coach will support your decisions and respect your autonomy throughout the coaching process. Results Disclaimer: While coaching can be highly effective in helping you achieve your goals, there is no guarantee of specific results or outcomes. Your progress will depend on various factors, including your commitment, effort, readiness for change, and external circumstances beyond the coach's control. Payment and Refund Policy: Please refer to the terms and conditions of the coaching agreement regarding payment, scheduling, cancellation, and refund policies. By participating in personal coaching sessions, you indicate that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions outlined in this disclaimer. If you have any questions or concerns about the coaching process or this disclaimer, please feel free to discuss them with your coach before proceeding.

Contact Details

  • Nelson, BC, Canada

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