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ABOUT The Master Coach and Nlp trainer

Empowering Transformation: Meet Cosimo Reale, Master NLP Coach & Trainer

"Cosimo Reale, a Master Coach and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) certified by the American Board of NLP, specializes in NLP Coaching, Time-Line Therapy, Hypnosis, and certifying individuals in NLP trainings. His global adventures, spanning over 20 countries and living in five, have enriched his coaching with a deep understanding of cultural nuances. Committed to natural health, he integrates wellness principles into his coaching, aiming for holistic transformation. Cosimo's coaching philosophy values personal growth, family relationships, and purposeful living, shaping his approach to empower individuals towards lasting fulfillment."

Quantum peak coaching, NLP (Neuro-Lingui

Explore our digital downloads and online courses for additional support in your personal development journey. Our diverse coaching options ensure that you receive the guidance and tools you need to succeed. Empower yourself with Quantum Peak Coaching and discover new levels of success and fulfillment.


NLP Practitioner Certification                                                                               

Quadruple Certification (NLP, Time-Line Therapy, Hypnosis, NLP Coaching)

NLP Master Practitioner Certification                                                                

Quadruple Certification(NLP, Time-Line Therapy, Hypnosis, NLP Coaching)


NLP Train the Trainer Certification                                                                   

ICF Coach the Coach Certification Training                                                 

ACC Mentor Coaching Program                                                               








: QUANTUM-PEAK-COACHING. Taking you to the Peak of Health, Wealth and Happiness!
Quantum peak coaching, NLP
Quantum peak coaching, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming),  Neuro-Linguistic Programming,
Quantum peak coaching, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming),  Neuro-Linguistic Programming,
: QUANTUM-PEAK-COACHING. Taking you to the Peak of Health, Wealth and Happiness!

Larisa G., Bangkok, Thailand.

Cosimo is an exceptionally caring, kind, and dedicated coach. Throughout our coaching sessions, I felt that his sole focus was on addressing my challenges, demonstrating a deep commitment to finding effective solutions. His ability to cultivate trust and foster commitment facilitated a sense of ease, enabling me to engage fully and progress with minimal resistance.

Having known Cosimo for nearly a decade, I have witnessed his substantial growth and development. I would confidently recommend him to my friends should they seek a coach of his caliber.

Matthew R., Toronto, Ontario

"For as long as I could remember I suffered from crippling, heart stopping anxiety. As a result of this my career, relationships, finances and overall wellness we’re all greatly affected. That was 7 years ago!!  Ever since the day I had my first NLP session, I haven’t experienced fear from anxiety. I believe with all my heart that if I did not have Cosimo work with me, I would not have the life full of freedom, love and experience that I get to live everyday. I have since married my dream girl, paid a massive debt, started a successful business and traveled the world! Ultimately I now live a fulfilling life based on choice and not chance."

Robert R., Van., British Columbia

"Working with Cosimo has been truly transformative. His mastery of NLP techniques, coupled with his genuine care and understanding, has guided me to breakthroughs I never thought possible. Through our sessions, I've gained invaluable insights into my behaviors and beliefs, empowering me to make positive changes in my life. I highly recommend Cosimo to anyone looking to unlock their full potential and achieve lasting change."

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