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Comprehensive NLP Practitioner Training: Unlock Your Potential

Accelerated NLP Practitioner Training

Embark on a transformative journey with our accelerated NLP practitioner training, designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge to excel as an NLP Coach. With a total commitment of 130 hours, this training program is a comprehensive exploration of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and its profound impact on personal development and coaching.

Comprehensive NLP Training

Our training program is structured to provide you with a deep understanding of NLP techniques and methodologies. From home study materials to live training sessions, each aspect of the program is meticulously designed to enhance your learning experience.

Home Study Immersion

The home study component, including audios and reading materials, will immerse you in the world of NLP, preparing you for the live training sessions. Listening to the materials twice before the live training is recommended, with additional emphasis on thorough reading to reinforce your understanding.

Interactive Live Training

During the live training, which spans 50-55 hours, you will engage in practical exercises and discussions to deepen your understanding of NLP. The training also includes 14 hours of homework, allowing you to apply NLP principles in real-life scenarios and further enhance your skills.

Holistic Approach

One of the highlights of our training program is the integration of hypnotherapy and time line therapy alongside NLP. This holistic approach provides you with a well-rounded understanding of various techniques and strategies, making you a versatile and effective coach.

Certification and Beyond

Upon completion of the program, you will not only be a certified NLP practitioner but also equipped with the knowledge and skills to excel in hypnotherapy and time line therapy. This comprehensive training ensures that you have a solid foundation in all aspects of NLP, setting you up for success in your coaching career.


Join us on this transformative journey and unlock your potential as an NLP Coach. Experience the power of NLP and its ability to transform lives. Contact us today to learn more about our NLP practitioner training program and take the first step towards a rewarding career in coaching.

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